How to Pick The Cheapest Beachfront Property in Florida?

It’s no secret that purchasing property in Florida is a significant investment. Whether you’re searching for a vacation home, an opportunity to generate rental income, or a place to retire, the extra expense is almost always worth it when you enjoy the state’s famously beautiful weather and stunning beaches. But what if you are told there was a way to purchase beachfront property in Florida without breaking the bank?

Let’s look at some of the cheapest beachfront property options in Florida and provide tips on finding even more affordable options that still offer all the benefits of living near the water.

The Keys: A Hidden Gem for Beach Lovers on a Budget when buying a property in Florida

Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon—these names might not be as familiar as Miami or Orlando. Still, they should be on your radar if you’re looking for cheap beachfront property in Florida. The Keys are made up of a string of small islands off the southern coast of Florida, and they offer visitors everything from world-class fishing and diving opportunities to secluded beaches and laid-back island life.

And did we mention that properties in The Keys are significantly cheaper than beachfront homes elsewhere in Florida? In fact, according to, the median home value in Key Largo is just $508,000—a relative bargain compared to other popular beach communities in the state!

Brevard County: Space Coast Living at Its Best 

If you’re looking for cheap beachfront property in Florida that’s a little more populous (but still relatively undiscovered), Brevard County on the state’s “Space Coast” is worth considering. Brevard County is home to the best beaches in Florida, the Kennedy Space Center, and numerous other attractions. It’s also one of the most affordable beachfront markets in the state, with a median home value of just $360,000.

Indian River County: a Quiet Place to Call Home with a property in Florida

For those who want to enjoy the benefits of beachfront living without all the hustle and bustle, Indian River County on Florida’s Treasure Coast is an excellent option. This quiet county is home to numerous unspoiled beaches and the charming towns of Vero Beach and Sebastian. And best of all, it boasts a median home value that’s significantly lower than other Florida rental properties—just $345,000.

Fort Walton Beach: a Family-Friendly Beach Town

Fort Walton Beach is the best destination for families looking to enjoy all the Florida Panhandle offers. This beach town is home to white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and plenty of family-friendly attractions. And although it’s a popular destination, it’s still relatively affordable, with a median home value of just $325,000.

Walton County: Another Affordable Option on the Panhandle

Walton County, located just west of Fort Walton Beach, is another excellent option for those looking for cheap beachfront property in Florida. The county is home to the most beautiful beaches in the state and several small towns and communities that offer a slower pace of life. And like Fort Walton Beach, the median home value in Walton County is an affordable $325,000.

As you can understand, there are several affordable beachfront markets in Florida. But if you want to find the best deals on cheap beachfront property, working with an experienced real estate agent who knows the market is essential. Contact JC Realty Group at 877-531-1555

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