3 Things To Know When Selecting Beach front Property

Looking for beautiful beach front property in South Florida? This article will help you in selecting the right location for your needs by offering you invaluable tips on real estate in the local waterfront area.

South Florida Lifestyle

You work hard; you play hard. So why not plan hard also? Choosing a beach front property can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you play your cards. Boating, for example, is a wonderful way to spend your time in paradise. However, not all properties feature a boat dock. Could you imagine landing the property of your dreams only to realize you must drive two miles away just to back your ship into the harbor? Or worse, your dock hasn’t been in use since the last major hurricane? The horror. Our realtors can personalize your experience by getting down to brass tacks and figuring out which locations are best suited for you and your family.

South Florida Location

Florida’s white sandy beaches are truly majestic and prime real estate for those looking to take advantage of this enchanting oasis, but did you know some properties are better suited for vacation, nightlife and so on? Fort Lauderdale for example, is much better for boating and nightlife, since the city, coined “Venice of the United States”, features a series of canals, channels, and estuaries for your exploring pleasure. Hollywood and Hallandale however, are more family oriented and not so busy, exclusively focused on peace, quiet and mangroves.


This is a tough one – Every property is different. As mentioned earlier, properties may feature many different amenities such as docks, Stilt stands, and hurricane shutters. The best value will be considered differently based on one’s need. Almost certainly, hurricane shutters will be a top priority to anyone living so close to a body of water capable of storm surge, winds, and flying debris such as palm trees and pool furniture. JC Realty group has the scoop on all these properties, making selection easy, quick, and efficient by narrowing down properties based on your specific need.

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