Best Florida Real Estate Agent For Your Next Purchase

Finding the best Florida real estate agent can stress anybody, especially if you are not familiar with the Florida real estate market. Nonetheless, you still want the best deal when buying or selling your home; hence, the need for a professional real estate agent in Florida is a must.

The best real estate agents are experienced professionals who listen to your concerns and put in the right efforts to meet your needs. The right agent may not necessarily work with a large brokerage or close several transactions daily. However, they’ll treat you with the utmost respect and make efforts to get you the best deals.

Tips for deciding when searching between realtors and real estate agents

Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent

You’ve probably wondered whether Realtors are the same as real estate agents, especially considering how often home buyers in South Florida use the words interchangeably. The truth remains that not every real estate agent is a realtor. For starters, realtors are licensed professionals who are members of the national association of realtors. A realtor must pledge to abide by all the association’s codes of ethics to qualify as a member. Also, real estate agents must get a license from the state where they work. They also have to abide by all national and state real estate laws. To acquire this license, agents must complete different coursework and pass the necessary examinations.

Now that we are clear about realtors and real estate agents, let’s dive right into the tips.

Request References

Yes, you trust the judgments of your friend or family, but you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Most times, you’ll find yourself needing a few more references.

In this situation, we recommend asking the agent you’ve reached out to for more references. Let them show you, other people, they’ve helped sell or buy homes in Florida. Contact one or two of those references by email or phone and let them tell you their experiences with the Florida real estate agent you are interviewing.

Check Online

Several websites exist to refer agents to prospective home sellers and buyers. But that’s not a guarantee for quality. Bear in mind that most sites will prioritize referring agents that have paid them some fees to be listed.

A better bet is to look at the numerous online reviews from their past customers. Look out for the details of clients’ experience with them, but don’t completely rule out newbies. Just be sure to look for a client that guarantees to offer you more than the basics.

JC Realty Group

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