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JC Realty Group real estate agency in South Florida has dedicated agents ready to assist you in selling your property through various platforms, enhancing the opportunities of selling it. Those who have trusted us and considered selling their home with one of our real estate agents, have confirmed how valuable is working with experts. Our licensed professionals will always act on your behalf, getting the best value for your property.

How We Can Help You

Our mission is to assist you with your real estate goals and remove the stress out of buying or selling on your own. By providing you with a variety of personalized options, we enhance the possibilities of finding the best deal for your investment and guide you to make the right decision.

Our traditional open market sale services include putting your home for sale by analyzing the local market, your property’s features, and other similar houses sold in the area. We represent the seller through all facets of the transaction, including property showings, contract negotiation, and at the closing. Also, by promoting the house through social media outlets, and real estate listings such as Zillow, Trulia, and MLX, we increase the possibility to sell it faster and at the right pricing. Custom print advertisements and properly mailed them to prospective buyers are also part of the planning to successfully sell your home.

Facing Foreclosure/Short Sale?

We are assisting clients in avoiding foreclosure through a variety of solutions, or if a short sale is more viable to help our clients navigate through each option and solution in detail. We will discuss the potential pros/cons of buying, selling, and evaluate each option if you are about to face foreclosure or short sale. You can schedule a consultation at no obligation and proceed to discuss your real estate goals and choose the best option for selling based on your circumstance.

JC Realty Group – Real Estate Agency

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Also, if your property is a Sell in “As-Is” condition, we can negotiate a convenient move-out date and make closing arrangements in as little as one week if possible. Any more questions? Call today at 877-531-1555