Finding a Short Sale Specialist Near Me

Find A Short Sale Specialist Near Me

Are you looking for a short sale specialist? When buying or selling a house, unexpected misfortunes can happen and sometimes it’s difficult to get it through without compromising your property. And to intensify the situation, not only you race with finances, but with time as well. To get a high value for your property, it is recommended to seek the help of a real estate expert, in this case, a short sales specialist. At JC Realty Group, we offer assistance to homeowners in buying and selling their properties while analyzing the best possible rates for purchase and sale.

Why Hire Us?

JC Realty Group is a leading real estate short sale processing company in Florida. We specialize in all aspects of the short sale process. We have years of experience in this business, and we strive to create a winning situation for all parties. Our goal is to help, support, and benefit homeowners with our experience, expertise, and integrity.

We provide short sales home selling and buying solutions for both home buyers and sellers. Our team of real estate agents have the professional knowledge and experience in each and every aspect of real estate short sale. We will work with you from to start to finish, to make your home buying or selling process as simple as possible. We will also provide you with the most updated information regarding your transaction procedure as it develops. Short sales home buying and selling are the core of our services. Our strength lies in our attention to detail and our experience in this business. We are persistent in our negotiations and have the ability to develop creative solutions to solve real estate issues. We have a streamlined system, with the goal of making the entire short sales process easy, smooth, and private.

Our Services

Home Buying Services

Whether you are in the market for an investment property or a primary residence, a real estate purchase involves a lot of important decisions and considerations. At JC Realty Group, we can provide the focus, expertise, and due diligence required to help you find the home of your dreams.

Here is what our short sale specialist will with your home buying process:

  • Help in determining how much you can afford and assist you in getting pre-approved for a loan (if required)
  • Help you define neighborhood criteria of the home to simplify your search
  • Help you make informed decisions by keeping you up-to-date on local market conditions
  • Schedule home viewings, gather detailed information on each home and offer you our professional thoughts on the properties that match your needs/goals
  • Create appropriate offer and present it to the seller while acting as your representative
  • To ensure a successful closing, we will negotiate a purchase contract with your goals in mind

Home Selling Services

Don’t leave the process of your home selling in the hands of amateurs who only list your house on multiple listing services and wait for buyers to find your house. Trust our experienced short sales specialists to help you make the process of selling your home smooth and seamless.

Here is how we will help you with your home selling process:

  • Determine the market value of your house and define it’s a fair asking price that meets your goals
  • Complete initial paperwork. Homes requiring a short sale require some extra paperwork as the bank processes the short sale. We will take of that too.
  • Monitor all offers and discuss pros and cons of those offers with you
  • Negotiate with buyers as well as make counteroffers on your behalf
  • Represent you at closing, prepare all the necessary documents for closing, and tackle any last-minute issues to ensure a successful transaction

JC Realty Group –  Short sale specialist

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