The Right Offer Value for Your South Florida Property

South Florida real estate is a hot market, and properties can sell very quickly. When you’re ready to sell your property, the process does not end with finding an agent. Once you meet with an agent and agree on a listing contract, it’s time to work together to determine what price will bring you the highest sale value—without settling for less than ideal terms.

Using the tools and taking your time to determine fair value makes it possible to get top dollar for your South Florida property. Here, they are:

Using Comparable Market Analysis

The best way to determine what your home is worth in the current market is by using a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). Comparing properties sold in your neighborhood can set an accurate listing price.

CMA reports include data on past transactions, neighborhood features, and local market conditions. You’ll have access to information for homes that have sold in your area within the past six months, so choosing a time frame that accurately represents market trends is essential.

Discuss with Your Realtor

Once you’ve gathered and analyzed your CMA reports, discuss them with your Realtor. Discuss similar homes that have recently sold at the high end of the price range identified in the report for your neighborhood.
Then, talk about any visible upgrades or features on your home that make it stand out from its competitors. Your agent can also help determine whether your home’s location on a corner lot or with a pool enhances the property’s value and adjust your listing price accordingly.

Don’t Miss the Fine Print

Don’t skip the fine print when it finally comes time to put your home up for sale. Even after you follow the steps above and reach a good price range for South Florida real estate sales, there are still other details that can make or break a deal.

Include language in the listing contract that allows you to back out of your agreement if the buyer fails to qualify for financing—or includes other clauses that protect you in this situation.

If you’re selling your home “as is,” make sure that the term isn’t open for debate or used as a bargaining chip by potential buyers who want to negotiate terms.

Be Realistic

If you’re not prepared to do remodeling or cannot make any updates, it’s best to adjust your expectations. On the other hand, if you have a new roof that is only one year old and makes your home look practically brand-new, you might be able to demand top dollar. Also, don’t make compromises by accepting an offer that is significantly lower than your asking price or includes other conditions that are out of your control.

Let JC Realty Group Help You Get the Best Offers for Your South Florida Home

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