The Team Partnership Between Client and Realtor

The Partnership Between client and Realtor

We believe that the role of a real estate professional is not sales. Sadly, the public perception of a real estate agent is that of a pushy salesperson that is out for their own best interests. However, at JC Realty Group, we believe that the role a realtor plays in their client’s lives is every bit as important as their attorney, accountant, and even their financial planner. 

Why Hire JC Realty Group

At JC Realty, we offer a professional partnering service that is far removed from selling you a house. We educate clients on the real estate market and share our experiences investing in our personal portfolios. Moreover, we leverage the collective knowledge of more than 1.3 million agents with millions of transactions under their belt to serve you better. 

Difference between a typical agent and a JC Realty Group agent

An agent with 10 or fewer homes sold per year, with expenses piling up, and no surplus prospects clients for the coming months can be biased between your interests and theirs. For example, if you’re out with your realtor and there is a home you like that is not that expensive, asking for their opinion might not be a good idea. 

Based on their personal circumstances mentioned above, they are not in a great position to give unfettered advice. We call that “commission breath” when Realtors on the buyer-side bias suggest other homes to receive a bigger commission for a higher-priced sale.

The difference between other agents and JC Realty Group consultants is the marketing department, and the inside Realtor Concierge booking their next client consults helping them focus on their actual client needs. Also, since they are one of many team members who contribute to each other client’s experience, they receive the same compensation regardless of the price point of the property. This means that the consultant you work with has no financial motivation to push a client out of their personal comfort zone and make the purchase experience stress-free. Moreover, JC Realty Group consultants are comfortable going at your pace, educating and empowering you along the way.