What To Do Before Listing a Home To Generate Multiple Offers

1. About five or six weeks before listing a home, have somebody come over. With us, an agent from our team will bring one of our other clients who specializes in flipping property to give some suggestions on what to fix up and what to leave alone. You might spend $5 or $10 grand before taking your home to market, but that will result in anywhere from 10 to $30,000 more in the sale price just by spending the money in the right spots instead of the wrong ones.

2. Every home should get a little sprucing up through the eyes of an outsider, so we suggest bringing in a stager and one of our consultants to walk the entire property and make a list of things to do with the homeowner and in full awareness of the value and the budget they have to deal with. Then we begin the pre-launch work beginning with the scanning of the entire property to create an interactive virtual tour.

3. Finally, the pre-launch distributes the 24/7 walkthrough across social media and pushes it out to the real estate agent community with an open invitation to walk through on a day and date BEFORE it is placed on the MLS, Zillow, and the other public internet sites. There is though one caveat. No offers will be accepted or viewed until the MLS launch. On launch date, you then have multiple offers waiting for your seller to review. You place those offers in the hands of one of our Lender partners to review and rank for good faith value before reviewing them with the seller.

Listing a Home With JC Realty Group

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